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Palomar ICON / Starlux malfunctions

Error codes, occurring malfunctions, diagnosis

Malfunctions of Palomar Icon

Palomar StarLux and Palomar Icon aesthetic systems are recognized in the medical industry as reliable devices that perform excellently in any medical or cosmetic office. They utilize IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) technology, featuring a variety of heads that enable a range of aesthetic treatments. The Vectus model is a newer innovation from Cynosure Palomar, optimized for ultra-modern hair removal in record time. Although these devices are of high quality, due to natural wear and tear, malfunctions can occur. At Medibo Service, we understand how stressful it is for the owner when error codes of such devices appear. We are prepared to effectively diagnose and repair them.

Code 004

The device temperature is too low or too high. The system will start when it reaches the appropriate temperature.

Code 005

Indicates a connection error with the head. There may be a problem with the cable or the electronics of the head.

Code 006

Interlock is not installed. Check if the interlock is mounted at the back of the machine or if it has been mechanically damaged.

Code 007

STOP button pressed. Turn it to release.

Code 009

Coolant leak from the head. Immediate contact with service required.

Error codes: 22, 23, 24, and 53

Related to issues with water flow in StarLux systems.

Codes 42, 64, 68, 66, 69

These indicate power supply issues – in our service, we have the appropriate parts to restore full functionality to the devices.

Code 073

Indicates a problem with the cable – we are able to fix it quickly.

Code 081

Related to CPU – we perform diagnostics and appropriate repair steps.

Code 083

Indicates the need for system update – please contact us regarding this.

Palomar Starlux 300 i 500

The Palomar Starlux medical laser is a device that has been trusted by laser therapy specialists for years. Its robustness and effectiveness in operation draw attention, although it is an older system compared to the technologically advanced Palomar ICON.

The key to understanding the potential of the Palomar Starlux is the fact that both machines, Starlux and ICON, use the same heads. Importantly, these heads are not interchangeable between these devices due to design differences. Nevertheless, the optical systems of these heads are identical. It is this common feature that allows both lasers to offer a similar treatment effect, ensuring satisfying results for patients.

However, although many features unite these two systems, there are also significant differences between them. One of the key elements that distinguish the Palomar ICON from Starlux is the introduction of power sensors in the ICON heads. Thanks to these sensors, the Palomar ICON provides doctors with full control over treatment parameters, which enhances the precision and safety of the procedures. These innovations were introduced in response to growing market expectations and the pursuit of even greater precision in laser therapy.

In conclusion, despite its age, the Palomar Starlux remains a solid choice for specialists in the field of aesthetic medicine. Thanks to the identical optical systems with ICON, patients can expect excellent treatment effects, although it is worth considering the advanced features and precision offered by the newer ICON model.


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