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Palomar Vectus repair

The Palomar Vectus laser has earned a reputation over the years as one of the most reliable and effective devices in the beauty industry. Many beauty salons have opted to purchase it, partly due to the possibility of renting this particular model. Thousands of clients have experienced the effectiveness of this laser, considering it one of the best in its category. However, like any device, the Vectus is not without its flaws, which are worth knowing and keeping in mind during operation.

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Cracking plastics

The first and most visible problem one may encounter are the plastic components. After several years of use, many users have noticed cracks on the laser handle. These external damages are only a sign of more serious problems inside the headpiece. Particularly vulnerable to damage are the areas where the housing screws are located. Cracks in the casing lead to issues with securing the tip, which can result in leaks of cooling fluid onto the electronics and laser diode, often leading to headpiece failure. To prevent this, it is recommended to replace the headpiece housing.

Weak flow

The second serious issue is the diode cooling system. Although this should not occur in devices of this class, many Palomar Vectus laser units exhibit internal corrosion. This causes a reduction in coolant flow, and in extreme cases, leads to coolant leakage. For this reason, we recommend regular head inspections every 5 years to avoid more serious failures. Attention should also be paid to the coolant pump, which may begin to leak after several years, leading to corrosion and motor failure. If any coolant drops are detected under the laser, immediate service assistance should be sought.

In summary, despite its numerous advantages and undeniable effectiveness, the Palomar Vectus laser has certain drawbacks worth knowing about to enjoy uninterrupted operation of the device for as long as possible. Regular maintenance and checks are the key to the long-lasting and uninterrupted operation of this acclaimed laser.

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Handpiece regeneration

The main component subject to wear and tear in the headpiece is the laser diode. Although the lifespan of diodes can reach 3-5 million pulses, actual mileage may be lower due to various factors. Among the most common are: excessive workload at higher coolant temperatures, presence of contaminants in the cooling system that can weaken heat dissipation from the diode, and dirt on the lens, which limits light flow.

Additionally, the headpiece may be damaged due to power surges in the power grid, which directly affects the risk of burning the diode. In case of laser calibration issues or noticeable signs of burn marks on the diode, our headpiece regeneration service offers an effective and economical alternative to purchasing a new headpiece.

The regeneration procedure involves comprehensive replacement of the worn-out diode and thorough cleaning and replacement of worn components, allowing the laser to be restored to its original operating parameters. The cost of regeneration is significantly lower than purchasing a new headpiece, making it a cost-effective solution for any cosmetic salon. Feel free to contact our service center to schedule regeneration and maintain the efficient operation of your Vectus laser.

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We fix everything

Regardless of the issue, our team of technicians is trained to diagnose and repair any faults in IPL and q-Switch Nd-Yag lasers. Our repair services help our clients ensure continuity of operation, minimizing downtime in salon work.

We always recommend regular maintenance and inspections of equipment to prevent potential issues. Taking care of the equipment is key to its reliability. With our repair services, your lasers can provide top-quality services for many years to come.

Do you have any questions regarding repair? Contact us! We are here to help.

Power restoration

The main issue is the poor performance of the optical system. We replace lamps, laser crystals, clean, and perform calibration.

Excessive power

This issue lies within the unit itself. Power control is often the part that's damaged. The complexity of the problem depends on the device model. In many cases, it doesn't require purchasing parts from the manufacturer.


In the case of leaks, repairs involve hoses, connectors, or the water pump system. Typically, we perform the service within 1-2 days.

Screen Damage

Screen damage can occur - lack of response to touch or physical damage to the display. Each time, the device needs to be sent to us to determine the necessary parts.

Electrical Repairs

They manifest as a lack of laser response to power supply, or despite a functional laser head, the laser does not trigger an impulse. These are considered more serious faults, which extend the repair time.

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