Cooperation for distributors

Warranty service

Professional support for distributors of cosmetic machines.

When distributors of beauty machines consider their business priorities, sales and building customer relationships often come first. The operational aspect related to warranty service and technical repairs can be an unexpected burden, diverting attention from the main goal. That's why Medibo offers a solution tailored specifically for distributors - comprehensive service support for cosmetic machines.

Focus on what you do best: sales

Trust us with repairing. Our offer allows distributors to outsource service support, enabling them to fully focus on the key aspects of their business. Medibo is not just a service, it's a complete partnership. 

Our support includes

Full repair documentation

We guarantee transparency for every repair by providing detailed documentation after the process is completed.

Optical system servicing

We perform regeneration, calibration, and cleaning of optical systems, reducing costs for distributors.

Electronic module repair

From minor faults to complex issues, we always strive to repair rather than replace with new ones.

Cable and wiring replacement, etc.

We offer a full range of services from replacing small machine components to wiring, pumps, and control computers.

Discover financial savings

Collaborating with Medibo not only ensures professional servicing of cosmetic machines but also real savings for distributors. In today's world, where cost optimization and increased efficiency are key to success, our service offering stands out in the market and brings distributors a range of benefits:

  1. Low, fixed repair prices: Thanks to our scale of operation and expertise, we can offer competitive prices for machine servicing. By working with us on a regular basis, distributors receive preferential rates that significantly reduce operational costs.

  2. Faster turnaround time: Our experienced team of specialists guarantees fast and efficient equipment repair. This means shorter machine downtime in beauty salons, directly leading to end customer satisfaction.

  3. Comprehensive logistic services: We not only repair but also take care of machine transportation. Our service includes courier transport of damaged equipment from the customer to our service center, and then delivery of the repaired equipment back to the customer. This way, distributors are free from any logistic hassles, and the entire repair process is smooth and trouble-free.

Medibo provides integral support for cosmetic machine distributors, offering not only top-level servicing but also real financial benefits. Our solutions are tailored to market needs and aligned with the expectations of business partners. By collaborating with us, distributors can focus on developing their business, knowing that the servicing aspect is in the best hands.


Has your machine malfunctioned?
Check the repair price.

We offer a comprehensive repair estimate, which will let you know the costs associated with restoring your machine to full performance. Our reliability, speed of action, and competitive prices will ensure that you will return to us in the future.

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After receiving a description of the malfunction, we contact you by email or phone 


We establish a preliminary estimate based on the information provided


After receiving the device, we proceed with the repair within 24 hours

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